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Fans wanting to attend the Open will need a specific ticket to gain entry into each area and will not be allowed to move from one zone to another.

Tickets for the Australian Open go on sale today at noon via Ticketmaster and Tixel

Fans should expect to see a much different Australian Open in 2021. 

If you’re planning on picking up a few tickets, you should be aware of several changes to the tournament.

Firstly, fans will be unable to move around Melbourne Park freely. 

For the first time in the tournament’s history, the tennis precinct will be segregated into three different zones to ensure social distancing requirements are met. 

Spectators will only be allowed entry into each zone if they have a specific ticket for a match or event inside that area.

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You’ll buy a ticket for each of those zones, which will give you a reserved seat in the stadium and on the grounds, and we believe we get to each section around 30 thousand people,” Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley said on SEN’s Summer Breakfast yesterday.  

Patrons will also only be able to purchase tickets in groups of six.

Once inside the arena, fans can only sit within their group and will be socially distanced from other spectators around the stadia. 

Zone one will comprise of the Rod Laver Arena and the Grand Slam Oval. 

Zone two will include the Margaret Court Arena and the Western Courts.

Zone three will include the newly named John Cain arena, part of the Grand Slam Oval, and all of the practice courts. 

All tickets will be digital, and spectators will be required to enter their zone via specific gates detailed on their digital ticket. 

Cashless transactions will be in place for all food, drinks, and merchandising stalls inside the precinct. 

More information on ground passes will be released in the coming weeks. 

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Craig Tiley expects the tournament to welcome half the number of spectators in attendance at its event this January.  

If you think about it, 50% of 800,000 people is still over 400,000 fans, which hasn’t been done anywhere else in the world yet,” he said. 

And Tennis Australia and the Victorian Government have been working hard to ensure the tournament operates in safe circumstances. 

While fans will be allowed entry to the grounds, strict contact tracing, and social distancing measures will be in place.  

“If we can pull that off in Australia in a team effort, I think that will be remarkable, but we’ll only do that on the condition that everyone is safe.

Ticket prices are yet to be confirmed, but Tennis Australia is reportedly set to freeze entry fees at 2020’s prices. 

For more information on tickets for the 2021 Australian Open, head on over to Tixel.com.au

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